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What Sets Us Apart

In an Ocean of Edtech’s offering courses, how are we any different?

Psychometric Assessment

At Grazing Minds, we understand the competition and where you need to excel with our “free Pshycometric Tests” that helps you cross the first hurdle

Mock Interview Simulator

It’s time to speak up and showcase your strengths. We help you assess your own performance and make you ready for “interviews”.

Boxed Programs

We don’t believe in “up-selling”. All our programs are “silo-ed” so that you get our complete offerings at One price.

Free Personalized Resume

No two people are SAME, neither should their CV’s be same. Capture HR’s attention with a customized Resume to match your skills.

Free Dedicated Career Mentor

As much as we would love to deploy our AI tools to guide you in your career, we understand the value of “human touch”.

Gauge Your Scaling

Almost all our learners till date, found growth in their intellect, skills and employability. You are own best teacher. Gauge the change within!!

Core Skills that “truly” work

In an age of influencers, every one learns SEO and digital marketing. Strengthen up your core skills to get that competitive advantage.

Free Social Media Optimization

It helps to have a perfect presence in a digital world. Sometimes “cleansing” it more professionally is what makes all the difference

We also Certify!

Show-off your newly acquired skills with an industry validated verfiable certificate!!

Top Articles From Our Blog – Food For Thought!!

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Startup Stories : The “wunderlist” you never heard of, probably!!

Wunderlist story! A young CEO rushed into his board meeting. As he excitedly began explaining a new product feature, a

How to pick the right investing strategy and make it big!!

Investing Right An investment product like a stock, a bond, an ETF, or a mutual fund gives you access to 1

Delightful marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Marketers like to wax lyrical about the latest exciting technologies and bang on about AI for image recognition, speech recognition,

The secret to crafting the prefect presentation!!!

Who doesn’t know the power or Presentation Slides and how life is kind of incomplete with Power Points. Those


Grazing Minds has been empowering companies and providing training solutions to leading firms, helping creating a futuristic workforce.

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Gauging user attention and tweaking content delivery in real-time with best-in-industry trainers, Grazing Minds is redefining the Corporate Learning Experience.

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