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We source, vet & deploy the best professionals India has to offer.
Global companies hire from Grazing Minds to make their hiring faster,
easier & cost-effective.

What is Grazing Minds Talent Discovery?

Grazing Minds talent discovery helps companies to hire smartly the best talents faster, more efficiently and at competitive salaries from India.

Interview ready Pre-vetted Talent Pool

Choose from a large pool of experienced and qualified talents curated after an extensive vetting process.

Quick Hiring

Start interviewing within 48 hours of sharing your requirements and onboard the right talent in just 2 weeks.

Right Matchmaking

We make sure that you get the best-fit talent in the first go. Our first interview to selection ratio is over 90%.

Cost-effective Pricing

With Grazing Minds, you save up to 30% on salaries compared to the local talent without compromising the quality.

Remote Onboarding & Support

Grazing Minds takes care of onboarding formalities like Payroll, IT and admin support, etc. We make sure that the talent is ready to start working from day one.

Replacement & Retention

It is our responsibility to take care of the replacements if the talent doesn’t fit in. Also, we take care of the engagement and retention.

Why Choose Us

Values Centered Around Our Customers


Grazing Minds candidates are the best of the lot vetted by the best of institutions after going through a rigorous training process.
“Grazing Certified” learners go through a personalized counselling & mentoring session alongwith rigorous modern learning – making a perfect hire for you.


Consulting is our domain!!
Our consultants average experience of 18.4 years comes in handy while designing the perfect HR strategy for your team. We help you hire smartly the right candidate, the right way!!!


We are backed by DH Holdings, global leader in technology and engineering. A legacy backed by satisfied customers and value creation.
Our candidates are thoroughly vetted and background verified

Access to Behavioural Markers

Get access to candidate’s learning and behavioural markers – their thinking process, conversation skills, analytical skills and finally psychometic results. With access to such huge amount of data you cannot be wrong with your hire.

Why Grazing Minds?

Not an oversell, but still let’s answer this important question in the most simplest manner possible. Why hire smartly with us?



We have candidates looking for full time job opportunities with no additional training requirement. They are a raw breed from a variety of academic and demographic backgrounds.


Hassle-free matchmaking, background checks, pre-assessed psychometric and academic scores, conduct tests and schedule interviews at your convenience.


We know everyone hates surprises or the hidden asterisks*!!!
We as transparent as it gets – in our fees.
No surprises ever – True to “Hire Smartly”!!

Fulfilling Your
Post-Hiring Needs

We continue to support our partners in the following ways:

○ Need to give your new hire a laptop setup or some swag for them? We got you covered!
○ If paperwork gives you nightmares, we can help you streamline your paperwork & payroll software for smooth logistics
○ Are you having commitment phobia while recruiting?
○ Worry not, we can take care of that with complete payroll outsourcing, so that your talent doesn’t loose on any perks!!

(just a secret: We offer quite a few perks for our hires, partners, consultants – so your hires will love it !!!!!

– We engage your hires on performance and community learnings

Hire Smart

Have we got your Attention ?

If we have managed to get your attention till now, we are sure you would want to know more. Download our HR Consulting brochure to know more about our offerings or engage with us socially or contact us.

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