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The secret to crafting the prefect presentation!!!

Who doesn’t know the power or Presentation Slides and how life is kind of incomplete with Power Points. Those long hours, we try to perfect it – with style,themes, images etc. Still most people fail to get it right!!!

Perfect Presentation


Well, don’t be – It’s a fact. As per various surveys – more than 73% people are not getting it right!!

Knowing how to give presentations comfortably and effectively is pivotal in almost any profession. Presenting is all about keeping your audience engaged, but how do you do that? The best presentation visuals contain minimal slides and words and don’t contain bullet points. But it’s more than just the powerpoint you have to worry about. Not only should you review your materials beforehand, it’s best to practice out loud and try out different variances of pace, pitch, and volume.

More, so in this digital world full of Zoom, Meet and Teams – the perfect presentation can kill your meeting or make it!!

So what’s vital? Well, let’s read to find it out….

  • You are the product, not the presentation!!
    Many people make the mistake of thinking that people want to read the presentation. Hence, they load their presentation with loads of text, context and simply start reading the contents during the presentation. This diverts the viewer from the presenter to the presentation and thereby creates a cascading effect, where eventually the viewer is no longer interested in neither the content nor the presentation.
    So try and hold the attention of the viewer towards yourself to the maximum by inserting just few pictures or keywords in a presentation for building a story around it. Nothing more!!
  • Focus on voice modulations!!
    Remember you are not a machine nor a news transcripter – to keep your emotions in check and give your presenattion with the constant pitch and speed.
    You are human with emotions – so emote!!! Take necessary pauses and modulate your voice, change your pitch, tone,speed as per the content and how you want your audience to enagaged accordingly.
  • Creating the “WOW” moment
    Remember – an audience cant and probably won’t remember your presentation forever. So you need to do something creative – out of the box so that the audience will remember you, your presentation and the session for long.
    How do you do that?
    Through constructive screenplay, storylining etc.
    Want an example? – Try having a look at Bill Gates presentation at the Ted Talk where he uses witty charisma to draw attention of audience towards the main objective of the program – mosquitos.
    Mind you, copying someone’s idea may not be the ideal way out – try to create your own identity!!
  • Practice maketh you perfect!!
    As the old adage goes – in this area also – practice will only make you perfect.
    The best of presenters rehearse their speech before going live. This way they are able to structure their thoughts properly, realign them, improvise – which inturn creates the perfect lasting impression!!!!


Do not underestimate the power of communication. It can be that deal-breaker which lands you the job of your dreams, get you investors for your ideas, or simply help you gain that edge over others in your organization. Although there are many good speakers around the world, using the above hacks can surely sharpen your skills, and help you make your own identity.

So time to tighten your shoe laces, upskill and be that person – who can deliver the same presentation with same set of slides – everytime differently, surprising his/her audience and be a great spokesperson.

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