Scale your team fast!With Pre-vetted & Skilled candidates

Get your first shortlist within 24 hours

A lot depends on the critical hiring decision and often that needs to be fast.

We provide “Next-Day Delivery” of first shortlist from our pool !!!

We are able to keep it relatively short and sweet by giving you access to an insightful digest on every profile along with the individual output from their coursework. Additionally, if we don’t have the needed profile in our pool – we source from our partners and present within 72 hours the first list!!

About Grazing Talent

Highly Committed

Grazing's "Prime" and "Stellar" Candidates are the best of the lot vetted by the best of institutions after going through a rigorous training process.
Our "Elite" learners too go through a personalized counselling & mentoring session alongwith modern learning - making a perfect hire for you.

100% Job Ready & Verified

Our candidates undergo and rigorous training process that includes working on live projects - to assess their job readiness and score them accordingly. Also, during the admission we verify all credentials through our proprietary search process.
Hence, with Grazing Minds around, you don't have to worry about reskilling or fakeness amongst new hires!

Access to learning behaviour

When you hire a Grazing Talent - you get access to student's learning patterns. Their thinking process, conversation skills, analytical skills and finally results of tests. With access to such huge amount of data you cannot be wrong with your hire.
Don't let a candidate fool your recruitment process. Know whom you hire and relax long-term.

Count us for your Post Hiring Needs

Grazing Minds is not just about recruitment, we believe in a long-term relationship.

We continue to support our partners in the following ways:

  • Need to give your new hire a laptop setup or some swag for them? We got you covered!
  • If paperwork gives you nightmares, we can help you streamline your paperwork & payroll software for smooth logistics
  • Are you having commitment phobia while recruiting?
    Worry not, we can take care of that with complete payroll outsourcing, so that your talent doesn’t loose on any perks!!!

(just a secret: We offer quite a few perks for our hires, partners, consultants – so your hires will love it !!!!!)

– We engage your hires on performance and community learnings

Why Grazing Minds?

Diverse Talent Pool

We have candidates looking for full time job opportunities with no additional training requirement. They are a raw breed from a variety of academic and demographic backgrounds.

Online & Offline Multi Year Hiring Events

We bring both recruiters and learners on a single platform and make the process of hiring stress free, seamless and smooth.

Logistics of Hiring

Hassle-free matchmaking, background checks, pre-assessed psychometric and academic scores, conduct tests and schedule interviews at your convenience.

Transparent Fee Structure

We know everyone hates surprises or the hidden asterisks*!!!
We as transparent as it gets - in our fees.
No surprises ever!!

Industry's Lowest

Hiring Fees

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Grazing Talent

0 % Of Annual CTC
  • First list in 24 Hours
  • Account Manager
  • Free background check
  • Psychometric Test Results
  • Latest Industry Skills
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Strength Chart
  • Weakness Chart

Market Talent

6 % Of Annual CTC
  • First list in 72 hours
  • 6 months free replacement
  • Account Manager
  • Free Social Checks
  • Attribute Chart
  • Strict NDA
  • Salary Benchmarking

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