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Careers at Grazing Minds

We Create Leaders Of Tomorrow and Work With Them For A Bright Future

If you are simply looking for a job that pays, We May NOT be the right FIT for you!

However, if you can manage to be on the HOOK constantly

– To Learn – Unlearn – Innovate – Reimagine
– To Lead – Take Charge – Be Answerable
Then, we definitely provide an excellent platform To Work and Grow for your career

Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We have answers. Here is a portion to adress your curiosity about your career progression and available job opportunities with us. Before you send us your inquiry you might need to peruse these first.

What’s it like to have a career at Grazing Minds ?

To be honest, it’s absolutely mayhem. We work in consulting, training, learning and development, “direct to consumers”, serve corporates and governments. There is always a lot of chaos.
But, there is a lot of learning, decision making, co-ordination and a requirement to always be the “Best” of yourself.
We hate boring stuff and so when you work with us, there will be a lot of challenging and new projects to work on – with absolute authority and responsibility.

What’s the office like?

Covid has changed our fundamentals and 80% of our partners are now “digital nomads”. However, we know a physical office can’t be done away with. So we require periodic reporting our HQ from time to time.
We have the hippiest and coolest offices with awesome pantry, gaming zones, gyms etc. You name the creature comforts and that should be there!!

What kinds of people work at Grazing Minds today?

We typically share multiple of the following in common:
– Strong sense of mission
– Desire for autonomy and ownership over a domain
– Comfortable figuring things out without formalism or structure
– Strong generalist skill set within a domain or across domains
People here are passionate about their hobbies and have worked in some way to elevate educational outcomes.

Can I work freelance ?

We work in two modes:
– Full Time -> You are sort of attached to us. Work the regular 8 hours and attain more leadership roles.
– Consulting -> You are your own boss, but have fixed deliverables to be done as per strict time schedules.

I do not have work authorization to work in your country, what do I do?

When we require specialized consultants, you can work “remote” for us.
Also, at times we hire for our clients/partners who may be operating in your country. So. it would be wise to apply!!

What perks do you offer?

We offer all the standard industry perks and benfits. Being a startup – we don’t believe in “concrete rules”. Study Leave, WFH, Work From Anywhere, or any special requirement can be taken care of during on-boarding or with respective managers!!

I need to know more, How do I contact?

Fret not. When it’s matter of one’s career, we understand the curiosity.
Feel free to Contact us here.

We are always

Open To Criticsm

We can’t give the best ideas to our customers, if we don’t hear what our employees have to say.
In this effort, we continuously keep tab of the reviews our staff give us!!

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