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Partner to Grow 12x YoY*

Our fast scaling across 7 countries is based on the concept of partnering to grow. Grazing Minds has different partnership modes so that we can combine our strengths – from project based partnership, franchisee model, exclusive regional partnership to affiliate model etc.

A robust Model

Whether you want to join us for any of our specific project requirements or to grow into newer markets or simply want to collaborate with us to offer our products suite to your customers or vice-versa,

Grazing Minds believes in the power of “Strength In Unity” and have specifc programs for mutual growth.
Our robust alliance today is spread across more than 7 countries – from startups to MNC’s.

How we identify your
business needs?

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Be The Focus – Your Dream, Your Effort

Grazing Minds offers you an unique proposition. First and Foremost, We don’t sell you anything!!!
We are happy with our customers and our product suite.

However, if you have an urge to grow – let us know your strengths, your products, core forte and we will discuss – how we can grow together!!!

Please fill the Partnership Request Form and Our Representatives shall connect with you

Have any question to
us? let’s solve here?

It is a long established fact that by now, you must have some questions of your own and some we would like answer ourselves.
So lets get started.

What is Grazing Minds Company?

Grazing Minds is a consulting company, which has also added edtech or skill training as a means to complete its offering by providing best-in-class consulting and products with talented consultants at the most competitive price.

How can I grow with Grazing Minds?

If you are a solution provider, we can connect – understand your product and will try to partner with you in any of our on-going/future projects. We can also embed your product in our existing offerings, if we can find value for existing clientele.
Currently operating in more than 7 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa through more than 43+ channel partners – we are sure we can find a fit somehwere and work together and expand.

If you are willing to be an entrepreneur, we do partner with potential franchisees on a periodic basis. You get access to product suite (educational, software, consulting, financial), network, brand strength and all needed support to grow and exceed.

Is Grazing Minds legitimate?

Some people may have this question. Grazing Minds India is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and recognised by Startup India Scheme of Govt Of India and also part of MSME network. We also have satellite offices in UK, from where global alliances are handled.

We have strcit adherence to all local, regional and international laws and have stringent legal framework that takes care of our partners, clients interests at all times.

What is the partnership structure?

As described above, we deal with all kind of partners.
As the type of partner differs, so does our relationship. For details, we would request you to Contact Us.

But despite the fact that you are a startup, budding entrepreneur or an established business – one thing stays common – Our commitment to grow with You.

Any More Queries

If it’s related to a product or a project

We understand that you may have queries and we want to satiate your curiosity. So hit the button below and let’s initiate the conversation!!

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