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Learn the basic of Lean Management System Fundamentals : Introduction to the 5S System today, only with Grazing Minds FREE Of COST!!

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Lean Management Fundamentals course has been created with a thought to bring quality in people’s view-point and their organization. In this course you are introduced to one of the basic tools, which is the 5S Approach.

Lean Management was created in Japan after world War II in Toyota and now it is an essential strategy in today’s competitive world

The interesting thing about 5S is , it is the foundation of implementing lean.

5S is a step-by-step method with which you can eliminate all waste that is caused by the way your workplace is organized, and build a culture of continuously improving efficiency and productivity.
You will learn that this is done by Sorting, Setting, and Shining your workplace, and then Standardizing and Sustaining the results.

This process improvement method is ideal for setting the foundation for a culture of Continuous Improvement in your workplace, and making sure you get the most out of the way you organized and manage it!

While this method is also discussed in our classroom courses, this e-learning module serves as both a perfect in-depth preparation for the classroom courses, as well as an excellent individual lean training that will teach you step-by-step how to apply the 5S method in a professional work environment.

After completing this course you will get all the skills and the tools you need to start implementing the 5S system.

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