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Loneliness: How to avoid during lock-down 2021

COVID has thrown towards us a host of challenges – from health, financial, physical and even subtle one like loneliness -the most vital yet unnoticed aspect of all – the mental or emotional wellbeing. We passed through the first wave somehow in 2019-2020 and now with the onset of second/third wave of virus in 2021 even, the lockdown – social isolation is going to be something we have to live with even this year!!!

Humans are social animals!!
History shows us that – we humans tend to live in groups – in villages, communities and family units. That’s how we have been tuned to live – to think. Today people around the globe are forced into solitude due to the pandemic. This has directly conflicted our inner drive for social connection, the very basis of our evolution.
This sudden lack of social interactions that many of us are now experiencing is leading to more loneliness. Where we are normally accustomed to a reassuring hug or shoulder pat from another human – things which one normally expects in the times of adversity. Research shows that, prolonged loneliness can drain you emotionally, and conveniently throw you into depression. This can also lead to physical symptoms, like aches and pains, sleep problems, and a weakened immune response.

The bigger problem is : lack of understanding about our mental health.

Guess what, It’s perfectly normal to feel lonely and even normal to admit it publicly. There need not be a social stigma attached to it.
Some people like being alone, however even the most introverted person needs the company of others to share stuff – their stories, their emotions – someone to have a conversation with!!!

So what’s the best way to cope with loneliness and isolation in 2021 and let Corona pass?

Well, let’s keep it simple – Shall We!!!

Here are some tips to remain connected when you’re practising social distancing or in quarantine:

  1. Use the power of SOUND: When loneliness starts to haunt you from all sides, sound can be your saviour in wading through it. Scientifically sound helps fill the space in your environment and thoughts makes your loneliness go away. It’s because of this reason that meditation uses sound at low decibels to influence and calm your mind in positive ways.
    Now this sound can be anything – from that webseries, podcast or playlist up your music app. Even the chirping of birds when you open the windows of your house and mind can help you soothen and relax.
  2. COMMUNICATE: You have stayed isolated for long and under different garbs – be it being too busy or simply because of lethargy. Now is the time to communicate with everyone. Use Social media for expressing your thoughts, learning others insights or simply making a call. You should not wait for a social media update from someone to give them a call…Just open up your contact list and try having a conversation with your old friend/acquaintance and it will help both of you!!
  3. Time to SHAKE it off your BODY: It’s becomes even more depresing when you spend time binge watching tv shows and loose track of time. Infact, its the right time to get in shape…So pick up your fitness gear/apparel and exercise or meditate, and try keeping it to a fixed daily routine as much as you can.
  4. HOBBIES : Yes, the word exists – beyond your CV. We always had an excuse for lack of time. Well, here it is – you have time. Time to introspect and find where one’s true interest is and explore it – as they serve as a self care mechanism and keeps negative thoughts away.
  5. HELP THY NEIGHBOUR: Well, not literally and definitely not if your building/area is sealed. But Yes, do rememeber that it’s not just family and friends who require support, but others in your community as well. Feel the sense of satisfaction of helping others and earning some good karma!!!
  6. Remember it ain’t permanent: However overwhelming it feels, do remember – negative thoughts and loneliness won’t last forever. Sometimes when knowing and repeating the fact can bring relief. Try reading positive news about your surroundings, vaccine launches, recovery rates and that negative feeling is bound to go away.

When you start feeling lonely or negativity rises in your head, do remember there’s a lot you can do to ride over this phase. So its time to get the thinking caps ON, and take some suitable action. Be creative to see how you can help to minimise not only the spread of COVID-19, but its social and psychological effects too.

Lastly, if career aspects cross your mind – #upskilling doesn’t hurt!! And not overselling, but programs at Grazing Minds could be worth a look – afterall we are both effective and affordable!!

Stay Safe!!

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