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Perfecting your job interview

Everyone wants to create a good impression during a job interview and it is also the key to someone getting hired. A lot of people also struggle in acing interviews.
One of the primary reasons is that, a lot of people don’t invest the time required to prepare themselves properlyfor the conversation. It is understood that the questions are mundane, boring, uninnovative and most of the times repititive. However, all the interviewer looks for is the zeal in the eyes of the candidate. The way he/she is able to explain and keeping up with the level of enthusiasm.

Sounds tough?

It isn’t actually!!

Preparing for job interview

Requires continuous pratice,
Command over content,
Innovative style
Some street-smartness.

Our career coaches always tell learners to focus on following few interview tips to cruise safely in an interview :

• Figure out what the employer/hiring manager is looking for.

• Build stories around the skills/experiences they’re looking for.

• Practice your stories and what you’re going to say (on video).

• Research the people who will interview you.

• Make sure you have a needs/wants/wishes list.

Another key aspect, most job-seekers tend to mess up is with the dressing attire.
Sometimes it is too much or you lack proper attire.
So What is the perfect dressing while going for a job interview?
Well, there are lot of articles. We suggest you check out the latest trends in your region, the job description/sector you are looking for and something in which you can be comforatbe in.
Now, you don’t want to look uncomfortable in an interview just because of your new pair of dress -isn’t it. And yes, a small secret – a lil makeup for that glow on face can help you shine literally!!!

Lastly show eagerness, not only in responding but asking too!!
That doesn’t mean you keeping questioning the recruiter in your job interview, but rather ask some meaningful questions at the end of the interview – if given a chance and mostly about the company and your job description!!

Still stuck with it…or need feedback?

Psst….we at Grazing Minds offer free mock inteviews as part of our free add-ons package with our certifications!!!

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