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Time for video resume as addition to CV?

Are video resumes worth the effort??

People’s interest in video resumes or CVs is growing, as the pandemic has forced many people to move their job searches online and therefore likely leading to an increased interest in video resumes. It may be exhausting, but it seems that expectations keep piling on for jobseekers in an already grueling process! Yet, a lot of people don’t know where to begin when creating a video to showcase their talents.

video resume

In the neartime one doesn’t see them replacing the traditional resume any time soon. It is because companies need ATS to search words, it’s challenging for them to add videos to a searchable database.

However,a video resume can be a great addition to one’s overall professional branding package. It’s more of an extra surprise and the sugar on top for your candidature. A well-executed video resume can be a fantastic tool to introduce yourself, build familiarity/rapport, and provide clear takeaways for the viewer. The amazing thing is if it lands, it could be the deal-breaker, the difference between getting an interview call or not – because of all that little extra effort. For the HR, being able to see how the person articulates and getting a preview of their personality can be valuable to the hiring process as long as it’s not used for evil (bias/discrimination/ageism/sexism/racism).

Another important aspect to be noted should be that, using video resume should depend on the industry and role. For some professions, a video résumé might be appropriate – similar to a portfolio. If you are required to speak, be on video frequently, or edit video, you can see it as an addition, but definitely not a standard. Lastly, the term shouldn’t actually be called a video resume but “an introduction.” Terming it as a sort of resume pushes it to the recruiting process and that’s probably not the best place for it, nor should it be using the elevator pitch to introduce oneself – which most people do. Rather one should be asked to tell a story instead.


Because, No one wants to hear you read your summary.

To sum it up, a video resume is an effective way to showcase your background and your personality. It is a great way to stand out. It does not replace a traditional resume; it usually complements it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If the employer is requesting a pitch video or video resume as part of the application process, ensure you follow the employer’s instructions.
  • Develop a script: Introduce yourself, speak about your value, highlight your accomplishments, provide some evidence (recommendation or testimonial) and the closing.
  • Don’t make it too long (2 mins max), ideally between 45 and 90 seconds. The key is to make whatever time you take up with the video count.
  • Avoid generalizations : – For example, don’t say you’re a “hard-working, driven individual looking for your next challenge.” Rather it’s best to give the recruiter or hiring manager specifics. An example would be saying that you’re looking for human resource business partner roles because of your experience growing companies from 100 to 1,000 employees.
  • Offer specifics about your candidature.
  • Should be pleasing to watch.
  • Have proper equipment and a good background.
  • If you are not used to being on video. Practice, practice, practice!

Always be mindful of the industry, employer and role. It may not be an acceptable practice depending on what field you are in. 

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